KT America Data Service Brochure
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Intelligent Transportation System is an integrated transportation management solution that procides traffic monitoring & control, travel information, convenient public transportation, etc.

  • Alleviate traffic congestion and carbon generation by efficient traffic management
  • Improve safety and user convenience through incident management and traffic information

Provides real-time bus information to bus companies, bus drivers, local government and passengers based on GPS, WiMAX and RFID technologies

  • Displays bus operation information at bus stop/smart phone: location,estimated arrival time,etc.
  • Gather bus operation information (location, speed, emergency) via BMS terminal at the vehicle and send the processed data via wireless mobile network (WiMAX or 2G/3G)

Green solution to provide remote check up and control of the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) devices installed on diesel vehicles

  • send the diagnosis data (temperature, exhaust pressure, etc) to control center
  • Check the DPF condition bu analyzing the data and provide the information related to maintenance
  • Monitor & Manage the whole vehicles with DPFs
  • Prevent & maintain DPF faults with the operating information

Remote automatic meter reading system for electricty, water and gas suppliers to check on customers'consumption using sireless network

  • Capable of applying various types of networks-wired, mobile, ZigBee short-range wireless
  • Enables real-time metering and provides analysis on customers' consumption
  • Reduces customer complaints caused by metering errors
  • Improves efficiency on metering due to the remote automatic system
  • Reduces labor expenses

Mobile CCTV solution delivers live images, free from most geographical restrictions. Real time monitoring is available on the PC, Web and Mobile phone simultaneously

  • Complete flexibility and portability with real-time recording and management thorough wireless network (3G. Wi-Fi, Mobile WiMAX)
  • Suitable occasions for disaster recovery,security enhancement, environment monitoring etc.