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KT America Data Service Brochure
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KT America's Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service, you benefit from business-grade access to the internet over the KT Tier-1 IP network at the fastest speeds possible with cost-effective solution that can be customized specifically to meet your requirements and grow with your business.

Dedicated Internet Access provides you with simple, manageable and scalable high-capacity bandwidth choices, multiple access options, robust Service Level Agreements, and redundant, reliable IP network infrastructure to ensure availability
and Quality of Service.

Our Dedicated Internet Access is designed specifically to meet your requirements and grow with your business, KTA's advanced network delivers the utmost in performance and robust Internet access.

To ensure our customers have a reliable, high performance internet service experience, KT America solutions Internet Port connects directly to the KT America network backbone, which is engineered for minimal packet loss and network congestion
to bring your traffic onto the network.


  • High-speed Internet service that delivers data to its destination securely, reliably and along the fastest route possible through the KTA's Tier-1 IP network.
  • Guaranteed Bandwidth from 1.5 Mbps to 10 GigE to meet heavy data demands through a dedicated port.
  • Self-Healing Network Design maximizes redundancy and ensures availability.
  • 24/7 Customer service by professionals who are committed to your network needs.
  • Customized Solutions designed for your number of employees, offices, locations, as well as your traffic and data usage.


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