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KT America Data Service Brochure
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Broadcasters, Sports organizations, studios, and media companies all need reliable, scalable solution for transporting high-quality video. Finding a single solution that can meet your personal needs can be hard. Developing your own network for transporting video is even more daunting, not to mention cost prohibitive for the cast majority of applications. KT America video service has put together an expansive video transport network with a broad suite of capabilities.

Feature and benefits

  • True Unicast delivery: Distribute high-quality on-demand, live, and linear premium media to individual devices simultaneously.
  • Multi-screen/network/devices: offer seamless, high-quality, reliable media consumption without having to invest in the delivery infrastructure.
  • Uncompromised quality: Maintain sharp images, full sound, and the most impactful premium media experience possible.
  • 24 X 7 Access and Monitoring: Provide a fully managed video delivery solution for both dedicated and occasional use. We provide necessary equipment, as well as video expert to support your service day and night. Our 24 X 7 booking and care center is designed to support your video transport need anywhere, at anytime
  • Gain flexibility: Duration times, bandwidths, video quality and features can all be tailored to your individual objectives and budget


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