KT America Data Service Brochure
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KT America's Wholesale Global Carrier Services operates an efficient network that enables VoIP Service providers of all sizes. Our growing list of ISP's, Cable Providers, CLEC's, Calling Card companies utilizes our network to originate and terminate calls for their customers around the world.

KTAI's strengths include:

  • Rapid international route development
  • Deep product portfolio
  • Expertise of VoIP
  • Global brand recognition for quality and financial strength

KTAI is offering a greater product portfolio based upon a working relationship that will further enhance QoS while ensuring a competitive price.

KTAI partners with carriers that:

  • demonstrate successful implementation of international direct routes.
  • achieve growth.
  • have connections within foreign PTTs and major Tier 1 carriers.

Quality Assurance

Business development, sales, quality assurance and technical support continuously assist our partners to let them enjoy:

  • High quality of voice transmission with network monitoring and quality control
  • Prompt and responsive technical support
  • Prompt response to business inquiries
  • Reliable and professional AR/AP

Voice Wholesale in a glance

For further assistance or inquiries about VoIP Wholesale Carrier services please contact:


For more information, please contact :
Sam Lee (1-213-738-7500 ext109, samlee@ktamerica.com )


Sena Park (1-213-738-7500 ext111, sena@ktamerica.com )