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KT America Data Service Brochure
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MPLS combines the performance of private leased line with the cost-effectiveness of a shared network. KT America's MPLS connections run over our global network for fully meshed, any domestic and international connectivity.

Advanced MPLS technology forwards network traffic quickly and securely, offering globally-consistent service in a single, integrated network. Quality of Service(QOS) technology and select dynamic or static routing. Our specialist customized your network to your specific need and security requirement.

And also provide multinational corporations with high security and low latency of private networks as well as flexibility and economy of IP networks.

Features and Benefits

  • Worldwide service available via network connection between Global Pass and major VPN operators
  • End-to-end traffic and network management.
  • Guaranteed performance through the setup of a separate network from the public internet(bandwidth, availability, etc..)
    3 classes of service supported
    • Gold: Mission-critical data and real time applications(VoIP and video conference)
    • Silver: Mission-critical data and delay sensitive applications (ERP)
    • Bronze: Non-mission-critical and non-delay sensitive application( e-mail, web browsing and FTP)
  • Manageability: Outsourcing of enterprise network
  • Reliability: Implementation of end-to-end network management
  • Security: Guarantee of high level security
  • Scalability: Traffic management through Qos supported by MPLS protocol-based network
  • Enterprise business networking solution provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness


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