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KT America Data Service Brochure
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KT America's IP-Transit Service provide optimal solution that enable easy to the worldwide internet using the Tier-1 IP backbone.
IP-Transit services provide high bandwidth connection, especially with the Asian, American and European ISPs.

KT America continues to invest in our network by expanding our footprint into areas where there is demand for our services.
We are investing assets resulting from several recent strategic cable systems that will provide you a broader set of services in more markets at more locations.

The size and scale of the KT IP Backbone will serve you well – Customers will be offered an optimal, seamless routing service, provided through a large-capacity network infrastructure, and they will also get to enjoy KTA's customer services.


  • Extensive IP backbone providing worldwide coverage with high quality, optimal performance and scalability
  • High bandwidth connections with most of Asia, American and European ISPs
  • The No. 1 ISP in Korea, and Tier-1 ISP in Asia
  • Customized SLA to meet each customer's preferences and needs
  • High level customer service provided including 24/7 network monitoring, management and support
  • Capability for network implementation at low cost
  • Easy and speedy access to various content in Asian region


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