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KT America Data Service Brochure
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Managed IPLC is the one-stop, End-to-end, international private leased line connection service that connects to customers' equipment using KTA's Pop. The managed IPLC service offers direct Pop-to-Pop and leased line connection between enterprises and carriers, so that they may build their network across multiple countries and markets.

KTA Strengths and Features

  • Extensive reach covering global markets with various connectivity options.
  • Global end-to-end connectivity including regional, backhaul and local loop connections
  • Fully redundant SDH2 Network with self-healing infrastructure ensures high network availability
  • All Pop across countries, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore
  • Stable network operation guaranteed by operation WDACS3 in each Pop and provision of flawless backup system with multiple submarine cable route between Pops
  • Provision of line capacity from N*64Kbps to STM4-64 Tailored to the customer's needs


  • Uninterrupted Service that meets customer's demands anytime, anywhere through a robust and seamless network architecture
  • 24x7 service provision and maintenance support from the NOC and Help Desk
  • Customized service to meet diverse customer requirements


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