Internet Service

Internet that’s fast, affordable, reliable and available virtually anywhere you do business

  • Internet

    Internet service plans for small and medium-sized businesses, with fast, reliable service at an affordable price.

  • Business Internet

    Based on a dedicated corporate facility, we provide fiber optic cable connections from KT's headquarters to customers' business sites.
    We provide ICT Total Care services tailored to customer characteristics in addition to the Internet.

  • DIA

    Internet Dedicated provides you with a dedicated internet connection, not one shared with other businesses or organizations.
    This gives you dedicated, predictable bandwidth and symmetrical upload and download speeds.

  • Premium Internet

    Premium service that guarantees high-quality, country-specific internet access with no internet traffic bottlenecks between countries.

  • Internet
  • Business Internet
  • DIA
  • Premium Internet
  • DIA
  • Business Internet
  • 5G/LTE Internet Service
  • DIA

    KT America's Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is high-performance Internet connectivity with synchronous, guaranteed bandwidth.

  • Business Internet

    We’ll help you get the performance you need with complete connectivity solutions delivered over our stable network with the reach, reliability and high capacity to power all your enterprise technology initiatives.

  • 5G/LTE Internet Service

    Bring the power of 5G/LTE to your business.

Korea Domestic IP Transit
  • Extensive Reach

    Easily scale your connectivity
    according to your evolving
    business needs, with granular
    bandwidth starting from as low
    as 2Mbps.
  • Low Latency

    Experience heightened user
    experiences with low latency
    connectivity on a direct
    connections, which is particularly
    advantageous for real-time
    applications such as online gaming.
  • Improved Performance

    Achieve added resiliency and stability
    with guaranteed bandwidth, ensuring
    improved throughput backed by a
    Service Level Agreement.
  • Greater Control

    Attain complete control to manage
    and configure your network devices
    and bandwidth utilisation across
    multiple global locations.
  • Affordability

    With internet plans that start
    at $69/mo, you get pricing that
    works for your business.
  • Coverage

    Stay secure and connected with
    coverage virtually everywhere you do
  • Reliability

    Keep work flowing with internet
    your business can rely on.
  • Security

    Get built-in network security controls
    to help defend against cyber

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