IP Transit (Global)

KT America's IP-Transit Service provide optimal solution that enable easy to the worldwide internet.

We provide high bandwidth connection, especially with the Asian, American and European ISPs.
Customers will be offered an optimal, seamless routing service, provided through a large-capacity network infrastructure, and they will also get to enjoy KTA's customer services.

  • Korea Domestic IP Transit

    KT America provide the highest quality domestic IP Transit service
    in Korea utilizing Korea's largest telecommunications network.

  • Global IP Transit

    KT America provide high-quality Internet access services between Korea,
    the United States, Europe, and Asia overseas utilizing KT's large-scale Internet
    backbone network and interconnection networks with major overseas carriers,

  • Enhanced Performance

    KT America IP Transit provides added resiliency, stability, and low latency
    performance for delay-sensitive applications such as voice and video through mesh traffic routing.

  • Managed Traffic Priority

    Gain the capability to easily segment and prioritize your network traffic streams for
    greater performance and user experience.

  • Boosted Security

    With built-in security features, we enables your data to always remain secure even
    when using a public network transport.

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