Cloud Routing

Simplified cloud interconnection

Layer 3 networking capabilities for connecting multiple clouds, data centres and branches. Enjoy robust routed network without having to deploy and manage routing policies across your cloud and WAN.

  • Secure Layer 3 Connectivity

    Deliver cloud connectivity up to the Layer 3 gateway in the cloud via Epsilon’s
    private network. Enjoy secure, any-to-any connectivity across the globe that can be
    enabled in minutes rather than weeks.

  • Diverse Cloud Options

    Interconnect to major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) including Amazon Web
    Services, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud
    with 100+ cloud on-ramp locations globally.

  • Fully-Managed Connectivity

    We offer fully-managed Layer 3 connectivity with scalable bandwidth and global
    coverage without the need to manage your own physical router. Instantly access
    all the cloud services you require via our private network

  • Seamless Cloud Management

    Enjoy improved availability, speed, and performance. We ensure that your data
    travels through the most direct route possible to your cloud service provider.

WHY Cloud Rounting

Cloud Connectivity that Supports your Hybrid Environment

  • Simplify your Cloud Network Infrastructure

    Bypassing the internet to connect between clouds and your own infrastructure can be time-consuming, costly, and difficult to manage — typically involving multiple partners and varying SLAs in a complex and disparate manner.
    Cloud Routing handles all the connectivity requirements via a Layer 3 private network, removing the headaches when scaling your cloud connectivity.

  • Grow your Multi-Cloud Strategy

    Epsilon’s Cloud Routing ensures you make the best out of your cloud investments. With our robust any-to-any connectivity, you get lower latency and improved performance for your critical multi-cloud workloads.
    There’s no need to install, manage, or maintain any hardware, saving you time, resources, effort, and costs when creating your connections.

  • Better Security, Better Performance

    With data and apps residing in the cloud, businesses are exposed to the threat of cyber attacks and bad actors when using the public internet to access their cloud services.
    Cloud Routing, on the other hand, is delivered using Layer 3 connectivity via our global private network, ensuring optimal performance and highly secure networking.

  • Lower your Bandwidth Costs

    For bandwidth-heavy workloads, Cloud Routing reduces your network costs in and out of the clouds.
    By transferring data to and from the clouds directly, you can reduce your bandwidth commitment to your Internet service provider. That is, all data transferred over your Cloud Routing connection is charged at a reduced data transfer rate rather than Internet data transfer rate.

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