Cloud Connect

Get Closer to Leading Cloud Service Providers

Connect instantly to multiple SaaS and Cloud providers securely and bypass the unpredictability and vulnerability of the public Internet.
With secure and direct cloud connectivity to a wide array of Cloud Service Providers ranging from industry leaders to niche players – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Tencent Cloud and more – you get higher performance, speed, and control for an enhanced user experience.

  • One Platform, Multiple Clouds

    Establish secure and private connections to one of the largest ecosystem of leading
    cloud and SaaS providers

  • Scalable, On demand

    Provision, scale, and monitor your Cloud Connectivity on demand via Infiny, a
    self-service software-defined network platform.

  • Private Network, Global Security

    Secure mission-critical data and applications with Epsilon’s Layer 2 MEF-certified
    Ethernet connectivity to the cloud.

  • Stable Performance, Improved User

    Enjoy improved availability, speed, and performance. We ensure that your data
    travels through the most direct route possible to your cloud service provider.

  • One Port, Numerous Services

    With a single port to aggregate a range of services, simplify your network design
    plus maintain flexible contracts and on-demand provisioning to improve ROI

  • Extensive Reach, Growing Capabilities

    Connect to the cloud whenever and wherever you need with our extensive and
    ever-growing network of data centers.

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