Cloud hosting (KT Cloud, Korea)

KT America provides top-of-the-line cloud infrastructure services with highly reliable and stable infrastructure in South Kroea.

  • Server

    Server is a service that provides a virtualized, secure, and scalable computing
    infrastructure. You can easily configure the server infrastructure you need through
    the web interface or API. The resources of the servers configured with this service
    are securely managed by KT CLOUD and are guaranteed to be used exclusively by
    the customer.

  • GPU Server

    A GPU server is a server that can perform computations for your application using
    GPGPU ((General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units) ) technology.
    They can perform parallel computations with thousands of cores, which is a huge
    advantage for tasks like science and data analysis.

  • SSD Server

    For customers who need fast random I/O access to their data, providing a server
    that guarantees high I/O performance will help them get their work done. SSD Server
    is based on solid state drive (SSD) storage and is suitable for customers who need
    a high-performance DB server.

  • AMD Server

    AMD Server in D1 (DX-M1 Zone) is a virtual server powered by AMD's EPYC
    processors that can be used for a variety of business applications, including general
    web and middleware, as well as databases and big data analytics. The industry-
    standard x86 architecture makes it easy to migrate existing systems, and it's ideal
    for customers who need great performance for the price.

  • Edge Server

    It provides IaaS (server, N/W additional services, etc.) by building cloud
    infrastructure on the edge based on kt cloud 5G network and can be interlocked with VMware cloud services.

  • Baremetal Server

    This is a service that allows customers to use non-virtualized physical servers
    exclusively. If you require specifications similar to the existing legacy system
    physical server, or if the customer's security policy does not allow the DB server to
    be virtualized, you can solve these issues by introducing Baremetal Server.

  • HPC

    A service that provides clustered servers and solutions for high-performance
    computation. High-performance computing (HPC) capabilities enable you to solve
    complex scientific, engineering, analytical and simulation simulations, and business-
    related problems when using applications that require high bandwidth, low-latency
    networking, and high-capacity computing power. You can use KT CLOUD cloud
    infrastructure resources as needed to expedite your HPC workloads, and save
    money by choosing a low-cost pricing model based on usage..

  • Auto Scaling

    The Auto Scaling service automatically creates or deletes servers based on a
    user-defined schedule or resource load rate, and delivers the results to the user,
    allowing you to flexibly manage the size of resources based on server utilization.

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