About KT America - Mission
  • Providing the highest quality telecommunications services

    As one of main global business post of KT in North America, we provide the highest telecommunication services including the Prepaid Calling Card Services, International Message Service, Internet and Data Service, and Procurement Services.

  • Opening a new chapter in the IT industry with new technology

    Recognizing that technology development is the main key to successfully compete in the global market place, we devote ourselves in aggressive R&D focusing on developing state-of-the-art telecommunications services and building sophisticated and intelligent networks.

  • Expanding co-operation with other telecommunications operators

    Expanding Cooperation with Other Telecommunications Operators By strengthening partnerships with companies from various international countries, we provide the highest level of telecommunications service. KT America will continue to seek business opportunities through technical cooperation and strategic partnerships with leading telecommunications carriers around the world.

  • Maintenance of KT's global POPs

    Enhencing KT's GlobalPass Service is that KT America, on behalf of KT, is constanly pursuing to achieve. KT America will keep maintaining and operating KT's Global POP's located in LA and NYwith fast response system so that customers can trust and feel secure about KT's GlobalPass Service.

  • Overseas investment and business development

    Supporting KT's global opportunities about overseas investment and business development is recently becoming an important issue in KT because KT is now trying to expand not only domestic market but also overseas markets its business abilities. KT America will take a role as an frontier for KT in providing investment or business opportunities.

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